Saturday, February 24, 2018

heart disease

Mended Hearts

While Blake wrote, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes until a voice interrupted my mini-nap. “Is this your first heart surgery?” I opened my eyes and saw a middle-aged woman with a clipboard sitting across from us. “I’m Pat, a volunteer from The Mended Hearts. We’re a nationwide heart patient-support organization. Would you like to talk?”

Dubious and tired, I managed a weak smile. Blake still had his head buried in paperwork.  Pat continued, “Starting as a teenager, I’ve had three valve-replacement surgeries.”

I didn’t like hearing that. “Three? How come three?”

“Forty years ago, heart surgery was nothing like it is today. My first surgery almost killed me and I spent two weeks in the hospital, with many months of recovery. The pig valve lasted ten find the best online casinos years, then it had to be replaced.  I pilot glider planes for fun, so Read More

Good News From Santa Rosa Cardiology

Home from work, I set my usual baggage (both emotional and physical) on the kitchen table. A stack of papers caught my eye–piled neatly–fastened with a paper clip.

“What’s this?’ I asked my husband as he emerged from his home office.

“Oh, I had my appointment with Dr. Erickson today and we went over my most recent echo-cardiogram,” he said non-nonchalantly.

“So? How’d it go?”

“It’s amazing, I’m healed.”

I stood for a second. The news needed a few moments to sink in. The years of worry and care-giving still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t believe it was over. I read the report in my hand:


  1. Normal left ventricular chamber size and wall thickness, with low-normal systolic function. EF 50%
  2. Mildly enlarged left atrium.
  3. Mild mitral regurgitation.

“Does this mean you can come off your Read More

A Barbara Walters Special, ‘A Matter of Life and Death’

Blake and I watched this special for a second time last night. It’s been more than a year since his surgery and I’m glad to report that he’s feeling good and once again pursuing life to its fullest. For those of you who haven’t seen this, it’s worth a look. Read More

Merry Christmas–Let’s Cook

Heartfelt Romance

by Elaine Webster

It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate,

you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.

—Julia Child

“Let’s cook,” I said, encircling Blake’s neck with my arms and kissing the top of his head.

Blake’s hands left the computer keyboard and took hold of mine. “I thought you’d never ask,” he said.

Six months after his surgery, I decided it was time to renew the romantic side of our relationship. I’d been grocery shopping, and fresh organic foods covered the kitchen counter. I’d pulled out our best china, set a colorful table for two, arranged a dozen red roses as a centerpiece, and chilled a bottle of Chardonnay wine. Freshly clipped sprigs of Read More

Assisted Living–A History

Here’s a new Blog/Website with potential as an excellent resource guide. The first informational post covers the history of Assisted Living Facilities. The next generation of “Boomers” will soon be considering their residential options as they move into the final stages of life. I look forward to future articles that address the many challenges associated with senior living. Read More

Soul Mate

December is Blake’s birthday month and we’re celebrating his successful foray into his sixties. I couldn’t help but reflect on the first time we met. Ironically we were introduced by my soon-to-be ex-husband, John. Here’s how it went for us over thirty-five years ago.

Soul Mate

John came to the apartment one evening to pick up some of his things and to see if I had calmed down. He knew I couldn’t hold a grudge for long and he had come to talk.

“Hi, thanks for letting me come by. How are you?” John looked down at his feet as he spoke.

“So what do you want?”  I demanded. I knew one thing—he wasn’t coming back.

“I’ve been staying with Les. He’s been letting me sleep on the living-room floor. But I wanted to tell you about his roommate, Blake.”

“What about him?” I had no interest in any of John’s lowlife friends. Read More

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AARP Takes the Needs of Caregivers Seriously

Not a member? Join today. The benefits outweigh the cost. Read More